Patient Rights and Ethics

Our patients have certain rights for which we are all responsible. They have the right to:

  • Quality, respectful care
  • Privacy
  • Informed consent
  • Accept or refuse care
  • Voice complaints
  • Make decisions about their own care
  • Make decisions about advance directives
  • Management of pain
  • Be free from restraint

The Einstein Healthcare Network has an ethics policy that:

  • Facilitates options for care
  • Facilitates patient and professional decision-making
  • Provides direction when there is:
    • no informed consent
    • no knowledge of patient preference
    • patient unable to make decisions
    • no surrogate decision-maker

Patient Advocates

  • Respond to individual patient concerns and complaints
  • Deal with:
    • Patient Rights and Responsibilities
    • Patient privacy
    • Ethics; end of life issues
  • Offer notary services
  • Maintain a Patient Hotline