Our Legacy, Our Mission, and Our Vision

As an employee at the Einstein Healthcare Network, you have the opportunity to make important contributions to the health and well being of patients and families every day.  You are helping to carry on a tradition of service to our community and exceptional and responsive healthcare, where all of us strive to live by our Mission and Vision, ever mindful of our powerful legacy.

Our Legacy:

Einstein is a very special healthcare organization with a long, proud tradition of service to the people of Greater Philadelphia.

Our early history still has an important influence on us today. At the end of the Civil War, in 1866, we began as the Jewish Hospital for the Aged, Infirmed, and Destitute (originally a farmhouse located in West Philadelphia). This hospital was started when Jewish soldiers returning from the war weren’t able to get treatment in other hospitals in this region. Our Mission then was not only to serve these Jewish soldiers but to serve the disenfranchised in our community, including women who were pregnant out of wedlock and freed and former slaves.

The Einstein Healthcare Network’s roots are founded on this guiding principle of caring for any person regardless of race, religion, or national origin. It has been one of the cornerstones of this organization and, indeed, endures to this day.

Our namesake, Einstein, was a remarkable person.  Brilliant, curious, compassionate, and a firm supporter of equality and social justice.  In 1954, we asked Einstein if we could use his name for our organization.  He humbly agreed, and we are honored to carry his name.

We are proud of our long tradition of service to our community and are committed to upholding the high standards of our legacy.

Our Mission:

Einstein’s Mission is the foundation on which this organization is built; it’s what we are all about:

With humanity, humility, and honor, to heal by providing exceptionally intelligent and responsive healthcare and education for as many as we can reach.

By ‘humanity’ we mean...
with humanness and benevolence
By ‘humility’ we mean...
with a modest view of our own importance
By ‘honor’ we mean...
with due esteem and reverence
By ‘heal’ we mean...
to restore physical and emotional integrity, bring into balance or provide comfort, whether for body, mind, spirit or community
By ‘exceptionally intelligent’ we mean...
by relentlessly reaching for the most comprehensive and incisive knowledge
By ‘responsive’ we mean...
by anticipating needs and responding in a timely manner
By ‘as many as we can reach’ we mean...
those in the geographic and demographic communities that we serve

Our Vision:

Our Vision represents our aspiration to shine in all we do, to have a deep and human understanding of the feelings of others and the motivation to act to alleviate or reduce suffering:

"Einstein brilliance and compassion in all we touch"
By ‘Brilliance’ we mean...
our aspiration to shine in all that we do; to have exceptional intellectual clarity and grace; to uniquely comprehend, understand and benefit from experience.
By ‘Compassion’ we mean...
to treat with dignity and respect; to have a deep and human understanding of the feelings of others and a motivation to act to alleviate or reduce suffering.
By ‘In All We Touch’ we mean...
at every level of our being; the internal working relationships of the organization and the individuals, populations or communities with whom we live and interact.
Einstein recognizes that YOU, our talented staff, are KEY to our Network’s strength and Mission, and we embrace your ideas for more effective ways of working together and providing patient and resident care.  We look forward to helping you meet your own personal goals and growth. 
Welcome to Einstein!