Employee Relations and Impairment

Employee Relations

This Employee Handbook summarizes Human Resources policies for all entities/divisions of Einstein Healthcare Network (hereafter referred to in this handbook as “the Network” or “Einstein”). These policies may not apply to bargaining unit employees.


Impairment can be defined as conditions that interfere with an individual's ability to function personally and professionally.

Types of impairment:

1.Substance abuse (drugs and alcohol)
2.Behavioral health (depression, Alzheimer’s, anxiety)
3.Physical Impairment (deterioration of vision, hearing, range of motion)
4.Cognitive Impairment (decline in ability to think, communicate, remember)

What to do if you believe you or a co-worker is impaired?


  •  You can speak confidentially to
    • Your Human Resource Service Specialist 
    • Your Department Director, or
    • The Medical Staff Office, if the person you are concerned about is a doctor or the President of the Medical Staff (if the Chairman is the issue)
    • Einstein’s confidential compliance line at 1-866-458-4864
    • Physician’s Health Program (PHP) accepts confidential referrals from anyone concerned about a physician or physician’s assistant, 1-866-747-2255
    • Professional Health Monitoring Programs (PHMP) offers a method for providing appropriate treatment and monitoring for licensed professionals suffering from various types of impairments, 1- 800-554-3482