Code of Conduct

A Code of Conduct is a set of standards and ideals for professional behavior. It is designed to create a mutually beneficial culture where there is a foundation of reliability and trust. It anchors the organization to its fundamental commitments day-to-day and in times of crisis. The Code of Conduct is a true benchmark for how we behave and interact as a community.  It is perpetual.  

 Respect – Value Others 

  • Appreciate the differences of each individual 
  • Safeguard privacy and confidentiality 
  • Seek the expertise and experience of others 

Empathy – Be with Them  

  • Anticipate the needs of those we serve 
  • Actively seek to understand people’s feelings and intentions 
  • Show those we serve that they are not alone 

Responsibility – Watch, Listen, Act 

  • Protect from harm 
  • Use resources wisely 
  • Explore opportunities embedded in conflict 

Affinity – Nurture Each Other 

  • Mentor the growth, education, and development of others 
  • Band together as a community 
  • Find the humor that connects 

 Integrity – Do Right 

  • Keep our word 
  • Listen to all sides of the story 
  • Conduct ourselves with honesty and fairness 

Standards of Behavior

Standards of Behavior Brochure

Standards in Action Brochure